postheadericon Profitable Content Creation – Content Is Cash and How to Get Your Fair Share (About Time, Right?)

Content is the basis of EVERYTHING online. Creating your content and then marketing it well is how you profit from your content online.

Create It – The key to successful content creation is to be prolific. What most people do is wind up staring at a blank screen. I don’t want you to do what most people do because most people are broke.

Instead of staring at a blank screen I want you to use templates. Create a 7 tips article or a 3 mistakes article. Then all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your information.

Another great way to become prolific is to just write on regular basis. Make it a habit, and you’ll find yourself the flow.

Market it
– So many people create their content and then do nothing with it. Again, don’t be most people.

There are so many ways to market your content that you really can’t run out of ideas. Start with your blog. Then post your article on EzineArticles and other top Article Directories. Next is Social Media. Use your article content or parts of your content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also turn your content into teleseminars and webinars.

Convert it into products & services and sell it – What most people do not realize is that while you are creating your content you are also creating your information products.

For example, a simple 7 tips article expanded on easily becomes a great eBook. In a similar way, a collection of several articles on a specific topic gathered into one document becomes an ebook or mini-guide.

And that’s really just getting started. There is so much more you can do. One of the best ways to offer an info product is in multimedia, and you can easily create print, audio and video training from your content.

For more information, check out a free webinar where Jeff Herring, content creator extraordinaire shows you exactly how to create quality content fast.  Just go here:

postheadericon Become a Key Person of Influence – 23rd June

KPI eventThere is a unique one-day event for entrepreneurs, small business owners and ‘corporate escapees’ coming up on Saturday the 23rd of June that I’m spreading the word about.

The speaker lineup is world-class, the topic is highly relevant, and it’s not going to be a heavy ‘pitch-fest’. (I’ve attended several of Daniel’s presentation days before).

The day’s theme is that the UK is experiencing an entrepreneur revolution. The barriers to starting a new business have never been lower.  And for those that are already established in business, there have never been more tools available to help them stand out, scale up and punch-above-their-weight in the new economy.

Each of the speakers will deliver a 40 minute talk designed to help you build your brand, raise your profile and make a name for yourself in your industry.

It’s an event designed to cater for people who have something worthy of sharing with the world, which is why I thought you may be interested!

The day is based on the best-selling UK book called “Become a Key Person of Influence” by Daniel Priestley (which I highly recommend, by the way.

I already have my ticket, and the organisers have offered me some great ‘Friend of a Friend’ discounts, so if you would like to join me, I suggest you act soon as the reduced prices are for early-birds using my link and I have a feeling the event will sell out.

To book your tickets, and find out more, use the link below:

I hope to see you there!

All the best,

Alun Richards


postheadericon The Ultimate Social Challenge

I’m currently following this course and it’s awesome!

Do you feel you are just wasting time on social media, and would prefer to use it to make money?

Get 10+ Days of AMAZING Social Media TRAINING!

In The Ultimate Social Challenge YOU will discover:

  • How to finally get TRAFFIC with FACEBOOK
  • How to CONVERT that traffic into SALES…
  • How to BRAND yourself for profits
  • 2 Mind Blowing Facebook + Mobile Blueprints
  • How to Profit by selling clients an SMS TEXT SERVICE!
  • How to use PINTEREST to bring in new customers
  • How to create mobile-friendly sites
  • How to start your own high-paying consultancy
  • …and lots more…

This course could EASILY sell at $497.

The price, for a limited time is $37.00 one-off

More info at:

postheadericon Facebook Timeline Changes and The Death of FBML

For better or for worse, the days of the FBML (html) tab and putting up some html in a Facebook tab quickly and at hardly any cost are long gone, I’m sorry to say.
I was intially annoyed, as it meant extra effort changing my pages AND those of my clients.  And using iframes is more complex than straight html.
But then it got worse: Facebook says that existing FMBL tabs will not work after 1st June!
See this post:
After I got over my annoyance, I began to see the possibilities.  The fact is that with iframes there is loads more flexibility.  Pretty much anything you can do on a website you can now do on Facebook.
For example, from within your Facebook Timeline, you can have:

  •     A squeeze page
  •     Sales pages
  •     Addition of images, videos, other multi-media content
  •     Use a Pinterest plugin to pin your images etc

You can tailor all of these pages to look just like your regular website, so you keep consistency in branding.
You can now create a shopping cart with PayPal Shopping Cart and have that appear on a tab/app right within Facebook on your Timeline.
So there’s a lot more power with iframes and the new Timeline, and with great power comes, yes great responsibility (LOL), but also, more complexity, time and cost.
Creating all this right on Facebook is great, but as it’s more complex than creating a website, it’s not surprising that the functionality doesn’t come at a bargain basement level.
I’ve tried most of the FanPage (now Timeline) tools on the market.  Note that you now need one that uses SSL (more complexity!).
The two best I’ve found are FanpageEngine and WP FanPro.  Both are paid options.
If you want a simple, elegant solution, FanPageEngine is drag and drop simple to use.  And you can add html to some of its templates (to add a squeeze page, for example).  You need the $67 one-off version to add a squeeze page.
I also use the excellent WP FanPro, which gives you ultimate flexibility, and this is probably a solution for you if you’re used to setting up and configuring WordPress and if you plan on enhancing your Timeline with multiple functions like a shoppingcart, squeeze page and other functions.  Be prepared for some integration time and effort with WPFanPro.
If you have a Timeline with FBML, and want to keep its functionality, get in touch with me at
If you’d prefer to di it yourself, check out WPFanPro or FanPageEngine here:

postheadericon Video Player FAQs and Online Video

I’ve had several questions recently about getting videos online on your wbsite, and for free video player recommendations.
Video Player Recommendations
Some video playes are built into decent WordPress themes – such as OptimizePress and MarketerCMS.  I use both, and with them I can create a video squeeze page (optin page, landing page, name capture page) in about 30 seconds.  If you have WordPress already, they are themes you can buy from about $99.
So then you wouldn’t have to get an additional player.
No Player!
Also – and many people don’t realise this – you can actually post videos straight from Amazon S3 to your site – no player required!  Your client’s internet browser will recognise it’s a video and play it just fine.
Just post the S3 url of your video (mp4, mov, wmv or whatever) on your site.
Why Have a Video Player, Then?
So given this, why do you need a video player?
For the added features and convenience.
Easy Video Player, for example, allows different sized players, different style players, auto-play, redirect to a url after completion, display of (say) a payment button part way through the video, stats on the number of plays etc.
Other paid players that work with Amazon S3 are EZS3 and FlowPlayer.
FlowPlayer has a free version (it has ads), but you can use it even on commercial websites:
Video Rendering
Your problem (if you still have it) may not be related to the player you’re using, it may be due to the rendering (or lack of).
If your video plays OK from your hard drive but doesn’t from Amazon S3, it’s a good bet it isn’t rendered.
To play on a website it needs to be sufficiently compact.  Rendering reduces the size of the video so that online streaming is possible.
For more information on video, check out my teleseminar replay:
For a free teleseminar about succeeding with video!
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postheadericon New Website About Creating Audio Products

If you want to create audio products, I’ve just created a Squidoo lens that you may be interested in.

It’s here:

It details what equipment to buy to create good quality audio products.  This includes the hardware – what mic, spider-mount, pop-screen and stand, and the audio editing software that I recommend.

Do check it out, and see if it’s useful for you.

postheadericon It’s Not Your Fault…

It’s Not Your Fault

You’ve tried hard…but still can’t make a go of it… it’s not Your fault.

You’ve been mislead maybe even lied to! The common practices you followed were wrong. The people who taught you didn’t know any better.

No one was trying to mislead you…it’s just that the common practices have been wrong.


International Internet Marketing Expert, Armand Morin, has just created a FREE 50-page PDF Report that bares all the false practices and steps that prevent You from achieving the success that’s rightfully Yours.

This FREE report explains each step, what’s wrong with it and why it doesn’t work.

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It’s not Your fault…up to now…but if you pass up on this FREE report and still don’t achieve success…it WILL be your fault…

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Alun Richards

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postheadericon How To Create High-Value Audio Products!

You’re a coach.


And you know how for many coaches, they have no automated way of bringing in customer revenue?


This means that they have to struggle to bring in every individual customer payment.


This means low revenue, and often little or no profit.


Worse than that, – it means worrying when the next customer payment will come in.


Fear that you’ll have to go back to employment to make ends meet.


Well on Thursday 19th May, I’ll share with you  my step-by-step, proven  system to create high value audio products.


Which means an automated stream of coaching income for you – while you sleep.


This is what I will cover:

  • The 7 killer audio mistakes you MUST avoid!

  • What essential audio equipment you must have  

  • - and the best places to get it!

  • ALL the software you need  

  • - and exactly where to get it for free!

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postheadericon How to Promote Your Book

“I don’t need to promote my book – I have a book contract with a big publishing house.”

It often comes as a surprise to many that books do not promote themselves.  And don’t expect your conventional publisher to do that for you either.

The cold had truth is you have to promote it yourself.

And while that may be a shock at first, you are by far and away the best person on this planet to promote your book.

Just follow this list to build the elements of your book promotion strategy.

What is book promotion?

It’s raising the profile of your book in your target audience’s eyes.  You have to first identify clearly what niche your book satisfies.  And then you have to bring it to their attention.

Specifically the aim of book promotion is to take your book from being unheard of through to being a must-buy.

Here is a list of media that you should consider when creating a book promotion strategy.

•    Press Releases
•    Book Exhibitions
•    Media interviews – radio and TV
•    Getting influential reviewers to review it
•    Promotional video
•    Internet marketing
•    Social media
•    Product Launches
•    Conventional advertising in conventional media

Press Releases

You write a announcement that is released to the press that gives details of your book.  Assuming this is of interest to their readers, the release may get published verbatim, or lightly edited.

Press releases follow a fairly standard format, and adhering to this makes it more likely yours will be adopted.

As many journalists rely on online pr sites for their material, being present on these sites makes it very likely that your release will be picked up.

The material does need to be newsworthy, of course.

Book Exhibitions

The advantage of these exhibitions is that those attending are typically interested in publishing or promoting your book.  Don’t expect those attending to be your target market.  These are recommenders, and your job is to find those recommenders that are relevant to your market and your book.

Media interviews – radio and TV

For certain books with fairly wide appeal this can be a great way of getting your message out.  It’s a good idea to get some media coaching so that you know what to expect, and are able to get your points across succinctly in what can be a very short interview!

Getting influential reviewers to review it

If influential people in your industry review your book positively, it can be a great boost to your book’s profile.  Approach these people in plenty of time, and send them a copy of your book, asking what you want.

Getting to be able to reach these people of influence can be a project in itself which requires tenacity and creativity.  Always be respectful of their time and only approach them if they would be interested in reviewing your book.

Internet marketing

In internet marketing, I include email marketing, teleseminars, webinars and podcasts.  One of the most neglected means of book promotion is that pioneered by Alex Mandossian – the webinar series.  With this, you are interviewed in one or a series of teleseminars, in which you reveal the content of the book in answer to your interviewer’s questions.

These can either be free or can be chargeable – especially for a teleseminar series.  You may consider giving the book away in the package charge for your teleseminar series.

Needless to say, you should promote your book to your online list, and consider joint ventures with those people who are likely to already have your prospects on your list.

What applies to teleseminars also applies to podcasts – both yours and those of others.

Social Media

Social media can help create a buzz around your book launch and can also feed into other promotional channels.  They social media where you must have a presence for your book are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your blog.

Consider setting up a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to your book, together with a YouTube Channel.  Create a WordPress blog dedicated to promote your book where you can easily post blog entries, short videos and audios to help with your promotion.

Product Launches

Of course conventional publishers do launch books.  But although they do this for J K Rowling, don’t expect them to put much effort into launching your book unless you have agreed a specific book launch budget and what it will contain.

If you follow the guidelines laid out for internet marketing product launches pioneered by Jeff Walker, however, you can get a great deal of the effect while safeguarding your launch budget.

Conventional advertising in conventional media

Very much bottom of the pile is conventional advertising, and the challenge for this is the relevance of your advert in a mass-market medium like a newspaper or a magazine.  While more targeted periodicals are a better bet, there is still the fact that conventional adverts are a scatter-gun approach where you really need a sniper’s rifle.  Conventional adverts are expensive and have a horribly low response rate.

Using direct marketing techniques can be much more effective.

Pulling it all together

I’ve covered all the elements that are considered by conventional publishers for promoting your book.  And I’ve added a number of others that are not well addressed by them.

Your book promotion strategy needs to be comprehensive – to be successful it must contain most of these elements.  It also needs to be planned and co-ordinated to ensure that you reach your target market and find them receptive.

Alun Richards

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postheadericon Bad News For Facebook Fan Pages!

Facebook this week announced that as of March11th, they will no longer allow any new Static FBML (HTML) applications on your Facebook fan page!


This means, unfortunately, you can’t use the Facebook strategy as described step-by-step by Pete.


It’s not all bad news, but you do have to act fast!  


If you want to use Pete’s strategy:


You have until March 11th to get a Static FBML page – if you do, you’ll be able to use it and edit it in the future.  But no new Fan Pages can use it.


If you want to get similar results in future, you have to use iframes – a different process.


Also, the profile picture size for Pages has been adjusted from 200×600 to 180×540.


The slightly better news is that if you buy FanPageEngine before March 11th, you get the version which supports iframes for the same price as now.



  • You can’t use FBML on new Fan Pages after 11th March.
  • From then you have to use a new process using iframes.
  • FanPageEngine will support the new iframes process.
  • If you get FanPageEngine now, you’ll get iframe support for free.


Get FanPageEngine:


Here’s the full story from Facebook:

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